300l alcohol distiller production process

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Blueberries contain large amounts of retina-friendly anthocyanins, as well as rich amounts of vitamins A, E, carotenoids, dietary fiber, potassium and zinc. The product adopts the extraction technology and color protection technology of Xianjin to maintain the rich nutrition and color of blueberry, and has the flavor of blueberry itself.

With the deepening of the concept of health, more and more consumers pay more attention to health, and the market potential of fruit and vegetable drinks is growing, especially the development of novel fruit drinks, such as kumquat, pomegranate, mangosteen and other fruits that are beneficial to health. The product has high stability, simple processing technology and equipment.

300l alcohol distiller production process: citric acid + water + essence

Blueberries → Beating → Fine grinding → Strain ↓ ↓ ↓

→ Mixing → Acidizing → constant volume → aromatization → homogenization

White granulated sugar + sodium citrate + potassium sorbate + Saccharose + suspension → Dissolve ↑

→ Filling → Cooling → Finished product

300l alcohol distiller process points: The total amount of drink is 1000mL.

1. Treatment of blueberries: Quantitative fresh blueberries are beaten with 300mL water at room temperature, refined by colloid mill twice and filtered by 200 mesh, and then made into blueberry liquid for use.

2. Sol: The white granulated sugar, sweet sugar, potassium sorbate, sodium citrate and suspension agent dry mix evenly, sprinkle into 300mL, 80℃ pure water, stir and heat to fully dissolve, no soluble particles.

3. Acidification: Dissolve the citric acid with about 50mL, 60℃ pure water, slowly add the diluted acid into the feed liquid, stir evenly.

4. Homogenization: Use pure water at about 40℃ for a constant volume of Zhi1000mL, and then adjust the aroma homogenization, and the homogenization condition is 40℃, 20MPa/5MPa.

300l alcohol distiller https://www.hzzjde.com/Hybrid_Stills/300L_alcohol_distiller.html